Costalegre Boutique Apartment Suites - Guest Agreement

Guest Agreement at Costalegre Boutique Apartment Suites

We have developed approximately half of our one acre property. We have created a space where we chose not to densify, but provide a spacious living space for a small amount of guests, so that people may be able to enjoy their surroundings without feeling that they are crowded within the living spaces or the pool areas. This provides plenty of space to enjoy privacy in private areas out of doors and lots of space in and around the pool.
We kindly ask you to respect the privacy of others while on the premises and read and be aware of house protocol.

• ROOM CLEANING; Bath towels changed every 3 days and bed linen changed once a week. Longer term stays, greater than one week, full cleaning is done, while the suite has been vacant for 4 hours, by request. Monthly guests will receive weekly cleaning at $20 usd per week. Please inform us if you need new towels or bed linen in the meantime. We ask that you not take our bath towels to the swimming pool or the beach. Towels for the beach and the pool are provided.

• SUITES; A One Bedroom Suite shall not accommodate more than two Guests. A Two Bedroom Suite shall not accommodate more than four Guests.

• SMOKE FREE FACILITY; Please take note that we are a “smoke-free” facility. You may smoke at the beach. Smoking, including E-Cigarettes in the rooms and apartments, and on the grounds of Villa Star of the Sea is prohibited. When smoking off the property, we ask that butts are discarded in garbage receptacles for the respect of the environment.

• REST HOURS; We kindly ask you to avoid any excessive noise between 9 pm and 9 am for the respect of other guests.

• TELEPHONE AND ONLINE CONVERSATIONS; We kindly ask to have phone ringers on minimum and conduct all phone conversations in suites with doors closed or away from the property, so as not to disturb others.

• SWIMMING POOL Use; No jumping or diving into the pool. Pool is available from 9am to 10pm, swimming is done at own risk and life guard is not provided. If using sun tan lotion or sun block please shower off before pool use. Pool is ion purified and only a minute amount of chemicals are used. No alcohol to be consumed in or around the pool, unless in a plastic glass. Pool in the B&B area may not be used by Suites guests. Areas are separate from each other.

• EXTERNAL GUESTS; For the privacy of others, the property is restricted to guests of the facility only, but facility guests may bring external guests to the beach bar.

• LAUNDRY; For a small cost we offer you a laundry service.

• LIABILITY; We do not assume liability for personal belongings and items of value left in your room.

• CHECK- IN / OUT; Check in is between 3 PM and 8 PM. Check out is at Noon. The room and property must be vacated by noon on the day of departure. If you are leaving later we can accommodate providing the room being vacated is not booked for incoming guests.

• GUEST RESPONSIBILITY; to inform the Villa Star of the Sea of any special health issues or medical concerns that the we would need to be made aware of to insure the health and safety of the guests’ stay.

• DAMAGES; Please inform us of any damaged items so that we can repair or exchange it. Damage may be charged to the guest.

• OCEAN SWIMMING; This can become a treachorous beach and swimming is done at your own risk; Waves and an undertow maybe present.

• SWIMMING POOLS; Swimming is done with no Life Guards on duty; The main building has an infinity pool and in front of the ocean the main pool deck is one story higher than beach level and does not have a guard rail. Care should be taken when approaching the edge. No suntan lotion or block may be worn when entering the pool. An outdoor shower has been provided.

• BICYCLES; we do have bicycles on the premises but we do not provide bicycle helmets. Bicycle riding is done at your own risk. There is an abundance of safe biking area on Playa del Coco and Isla Navidad. Cycling should be restricted to the local area and Highway 200 should be avoided due to heavier vehicular traffic and higher speeds.

• DEPOSITS FOR BOOKINGS; a 50 % deposit is required to secure a booking reservation, unless a deposit has been received, no booking has taken place. Bookings are NON REFUNDABLE, but may be used at 75% (65 % at Christmas) of its value for a new booking within 365 days. A missed reservation, or cancellation with less than 21 days of occupancy date will will result in loss of deposit.

• WE ARE NORMALLY NOT PET FRIENDLY NOVEMBER TO APRIL; We do not accept pets between November and April for the respect of our guests, but we may make allowances between May and November, if you have done a last minute booking and we have no other guests on the premises.

SEPTIC SYSTEMS; are a working, functioning Bio System. We use bio degradeable toilet paper that may be flushed, however, for everything else, if you didn’t eat it, it needs to be placed in the refuse receptacle provided in the bathrooms, or be taken to the trash bin behind the building. We ask that you ESPECIALLY abide by this request. Items other than bio waste do NOT  break down or easily pump from septic systems.

What you as a guest at Villa Star of the Sea can expect; We sanitize all high-touch surfaces. We use cleaners and disinfectants approved by global health agencies, and wear protective gear to help prevent cross-contamination. We comply with local laws, including any additional safety or cleaning guidelines. We are as concerned as our guests are about keeping accommodation spaces clean. We have provided hand sanitizer in your suite.

This agreement is not rigid UNLESS it needs to be. We endeavour to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.